"Honorable" Premiered on Yahoo! Music!

Yahoo! Music premiered the official video for "Honorable"!


It’s understandable why New Kingston’s Tahir, Courtney Jr., and Stephen scored a No. 1 reggae album with their latest set, Kingston City, on Easy Star Records. The Jamaican-American brothers may have grown up in Brooklyn, but their father schooled them on the reggae greats.

Their latest example is their video for “Honorable,” that premieres exclusively on Yahoo Music.

“’Honorable’ is a statement, a righteous refusal of stereotype,” Courtney explains. “The feel of the video is a mission–an enlightening mission, focusing on the lyrics and the unity displayed in the video.”

He adds, “We knew we wanted to make a simple and militant video that focused on the music and messaging more than fancy visuals.”

Mission accomplished.

Fans can witness their messaging first hand when the band kicks off its Winter Green Tour with Rebelution on January 7 in Tallahassee.


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